Who's Going to ProductCon London?

By now you may have heard that a little event called ProductCon is happening in London on September 8, 2022. :laughing:

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Wouldn’t it be cool to connect with other attendees before the event so you have a conference buddy before you go? We thought so too…

If you’ll be at ProductCon London - even if you’re attending virtually - drop a note below! Let’s connect before the big event!

Still need to register, head here and get it done!


I’ll be attending ProductCon virtually. Who else is going to be there virtually? I would love to connect and say hello!

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Hey Marjorie! I plan to be at ProductCon London virtually. It would be nice to connect :slight_smile:


I’ll be there virtually from NYC! :wave:


Let’s do it! Look for me on the platform tomorrow and say hi! @RayoJoy

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Nice! Looking forward to “seeing” you there, @abbywooden!

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Hello, I am attending productCon Virtually.
See you Soon!

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Hey everyone! I’m a Product Manager from Seattle, WA. with a background in Learning Experience Design. I’m open to remotely collaborating. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn! https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonmeisburg/

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It is extremely expensive. Not something I can afford at the moment :frowning: