What is the best way to onboard a junior PM or APM?

As your product management team grows, you will inevitably bring on some more junior PMs or APMs.

Seasoned PMs, what do think it’s the best way to onboard a junior PM or APM?

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We let them spend two weeks just getting onboarding and learning our company’s specific product principles via online training, books (like Inspired by Marty Cagan). We also ask 1 or 2 other PMs to invite them to discoveries, backlog reviews, etc, to learn how different teams handle things. Lastly, we try to find them a mentor one level above.

Wow, thanks for sharing your insights Kara. So helpful! :grin:

@Kara shared some great advice. I would also offer that the onboarding period is a great time to:

  • Acclimate the new PM to the organizational culture
  • Introduce them to key stakeholders and matrixed members of the team (I.e., designers, engineers, product marketers, sales, etc.)
  • Allow them to begin understanding ‘how work gets done’ in your organization
  • Begin understanding of how success is measured in your organization…organizational strategy, strategic objectives, key organizational metrics, team goals and metrics
  • Start to learn the market…key competitors, market dynamics, company position in the market, customer personas
  • Set clear objectives and expectations around behavior, work product, near term deliverables, etc.

Best to you and your new PMs!

@JSR09 @Kara @Patrick – Great advice, yes! I completely agree and aspire to be part of a team with this onboarding mindset!