What is Product Analytics?

Product Analytics

Product Analytics is the term applied to the automated gathering, analysis, and visualization of data. Most people first get their introduction to analytics through the popular Google Analytics, but there is a variety of analytics software specifically for tracking user actions on digital products.

:star2: Learn all about it here: https://prdct.school/3rwvl10

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Hello @Zaina I am currently working through the Product Analytics micro-certification and it’s talking about sample data in MixPanel. I’ve looked everywhere but must be missing something. Is there something I’m meant to sign up to to gain access to this?

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Hi @Rachelk, everything should be available within the course. Are you still finding trouble gaining access to the sample data?

How are you enjoying the course, would love to hear your thoughts on your experience thus far?

Hi @Rachelk do the videos and links on this page work for you? This is where you can find the script to load the sample data. Getting Started: Setting up Mixpanel for Learning | Product School

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Perfect, that module now appears. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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