Welcome Wednesday! November 2, 2022 🎊

It’s a new month and a new Wednesday which means it’s time for welcomes! Let’s take some time to give a big hello to the newest members of our community:


We are so excited to have you with us!

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So that we can get to know you better, please tell us about your interest in product management, how long you’ve been in the profession, what the community can help you with, what you can help others with, and share your favorite productivity hack.

Thanks for being here with us! If you need anything in the meantime, feel free to reach out. We’re happy to help.

We’ll “see” you around the community!


Thanks, @Marjorie for the warm welcome!

I’m excited to be here.

Currently, I’m a product marketing leader with an eye to make a move into product management for my next play. I’m happy to help those that are looking to build out a market intelligence practice to deliver customer centric product strategies.

Thanks for the welcome!

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Thanks @Marjorie !

I am not currently a product manager, and my interest lies in the end to end process of building online communities. I would like to merge soft and technical skills learned throughout my career, and ultimately make sure users are better off with the new product. I would love any help in knowing how others filled knowledge gaps such as what coding background would be useful to have when communicating with engineering teams. I have a bit of data science experience if anyone wants to ping me! My favorite productivity hack is focusing on a single goal at once. That can be breaking up a much hairier goal, into much smaller steps to build a bit of momentum.