Welcome Wednesday! November 16, 2022 🪐

Welcome back to Welcome Wednesdays! We’re ramping up for ProductCon New York but we would never miss an opportunity to welcome new people into the Product School community :person_cartwheeling:t4:

Let’s get to it and give a big welcome to our newest community members:


We are so super thrilled to have you with us! So that we can get to know you better, please tell us about your interest in product management, how long you’ve been in the profession, what the community can help you with, what you can help the community with, and using the poll below tell us if you’ll be at ProductCon!

Who’s attending ProductCon New York :apple:?

  • I’ll be attending online!
  • Catch you there in person :sun_with_face:
  • I didn’t know about ProductCon - pst you can still sign up online :wink:

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Hi all! Excited for tomorrow’s lineup of talks :slight_smile: I’ve been in prod management for 5-6 years as a CSPO. I’m hoping to move towards the strategic planning side of things and so I’m here looking to learn about how to go abouts that, best practices etc.

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