Welcome Wednesday! July 6, 2022

Happy Wednesday to our amazing community! You know what Wednesday means…it’s time for a new round of welcomes!

Let’s say hello to our newest community members!


We are so excited to welcome you! :raised_hands:t5: :raised_hands:t5: :raised_hands:t5:

So that we can get to know you a bit better, let us know your role, how you got into product management, what you think you can help the community with, what the community can help you with, and your go-to comfort food!

Thank you for joining this community! This is not only a space for you to learn, but to connect with other community members, share knowledge, and find solutions. If you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out to @Zaina or myself!

We can’t wait to learn with you!



Am Mercy Akachukwu.

Am Business & Product Team Lead for a technology software and consulting company in Nigeria.
My Product management journey started over seven years back as a presales and account manager in another tech company. From their i moved to an IT Project Implementation and technical account manager and also handled lots of IT business development activities.
Currenlty i manage end to end enterprise software, web+mobiles products, i also lead an ongoing ERP product development with ten (10) modules in the erp for government sector.

I can help with responding to issues related to ERP product development and deployment, SaaS product management, system architecture for deployments, dealing with stakeholders, roadmaps, product backlog and requirement gathering. I can also guide on public sector procurement process.

I want to network, contribute and learn more.

Thanks @Marjorie for the welcome.


Thanks for the welcome Marjorie.

I started my Product Management journey January this year with an IT company at Hyderabad, India.

I have been working as a Business Analyst rolling out conversational AI solutions for large CPG brands across the globe. My expertise on conversational AI solutions has got me promoted to this Product Management role building a Chatbot accelerator platform for one of the largest CPG companies in the world. Glad to be part of this community, looking forward to learn and contribute more.


You’ve got a ton of great expertise to share, @MacGod! Would love to have you contributing as we continue to grow.

Really glad to have you here, Mercy!

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That sounds like really interesting work, @cinuclement! It would be awesome to learn more about your journey and this project that you’re working on.

Let me know how you’d like to contribute! Welcome!

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