Welcome Wednesday! July 27, 2022 🎈

Wednesdays are for warm community welcomes, so we want to take a moment to welcome all our new community members to Launch!

Joining us this week:

and @Monique

We’re excited to have you here! To get to know you a bit better, please give us a brief description of who you are, what’s your role, how you got into Product Management, what you think you can help the community with, what the community can help you with, and any goals you set for yourself till the end of 2022!

Welcome again and thank you for joining Launch!

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Welcome to all of our new community members! We are so excited that you’re here! :tada:


Thank you for the welcome message @Zaina!

My name is Rabia, I had been working in sports business in Pakistan for several years. After relocating to Canada, I decided I wanted a more product based role. Currently, I am in the processes of learning more about PM and landing my first APM role at a startup.

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It’s a pleasure to have you here @RabiaAhmed. How exciting!! I’m curious, why did you decide to make the transition? What is it about product that pulled you in?