Welcome Wednesday! August 24, 2022 🌈

You know what Wednesday means…it’s time for a new round of welcomes to our new community members!

Let’s say hello to;


So we get to know you all better, please take a moment to share your role, how you got into product management, what you think you can help the community with, what the community can help you with, and your all-time favorite documentary!

Again, thank you all for being a part of our special community for Product Managers. Please use this space to learn, connect, test your boundaries and step out of your comfort zone to achieve your career goals :star_struck:

@Marjorie and I will be your go-to contacts if you need anything around here or if you want to have chat about anything PM :rocket:

Can’t wait to connect with you all!

So excited to see the new faces here in the community! Can’t wait to connect with you all! :tada:

Hello all,

I am Clement from Montreal Canada, 23 years ago I studied web development and built first e-commerce site for dvd shop! From there I turned into project management to marketing and educated myself in UX and product management.
I am currently e commerce product manager at large known retail shop in Montreal.

In our field learning never stops and would love to meet you guys and share our knowledge, experience and ideas.

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Thanks Zaina, and hi lovely PS people,

Nice to meet you. It’s pretty quiet in here. Adding my voice.

I’m a UX / CX zebra based in sunny Cape Town. I’ve worked in the tech space for 20+ years navigating the grey areas between Product, Marketing and organisational Culture. When I’m not online, I’m hustling my home decor side business @LindnrCo, drawing, doodling and other creative pursuits. When I’m not in my studio, I’m in the ocean, exploring the Cape’s beautiful tidal pools - seriously, do come visit! Companies that I’d kill to work for … YPO, Automattic and Delivering Happiness.

I’ve arrived rather late to PM. Mine has been an interesting journey - starting out as a fine artist (with a BA in Fine Art Hons), joining South Africa’s first Digital Agency in the 1990’s and running a small Design business. From here I’ve done time in startups, enterprises as well as local government and non-profits. I’m a creative problem-solver and storyteller with enough BI insights to get into trouble. I now find myself in a global health-tech company in a non-technical PM leadership role - for which I feel totally il-equipped and born for at the same time! Enter the Product School!

I’m looking forward to getting uncomfortable and learning from you all :slight_smile: Feel free to stalk me on https://www.linkedin.com/in/tracygander/

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Hi Clement, it’s a pleasure to have you here! Wow what a journey you’ve been on :star_struck:

Absolutely! Learning is for life and we’re all here to connect and share experiences with each other.

Hiya Tracy @Mstgrr! Welcome to our community, we’re thrilled to have you here :rainbow:

I’m super gladding you’ve decided to add your voice despite the silence, I know it can be challenging so I admire your courage there :hugs:

I’m an absolute sucker for home decor! May I ask you, how do you manage both your PM job and side business? Do you have any tips for art creatives in the field who want to juggle both?

Hey all!

I’m Justin. I’m a Dallas, Texas-based marketer. I graduated with a degree in Graphic Design and have worked in a number of marketing capacities in the videogame industry for about the last 15 years.

I sort of accidentally fell into PM with a re-org at my current company. I did innovation product management for two years and really loved it. I’m looking to shift my career from marketing to PM for the long term and joined PM School to hone my skills and fill in the gaps of things I didn’t learn on the fly.

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Hi, Justin @JustinKorthof we’re happy to have you here! Any particular skill you’re looking to sharpen?