Welcome W(thursdays), September 1, 2022 😂

Happy Thursday and Happy September folks!

We apologize for falling behind our scheduled programming for our Welcome Wednesday thread but we are here nonetheless!

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been welcoming many of you folks into our community and we couldn’t happier to continue learning and connecting with all the new brilliant minds in this space!

That said, I’d like to thank and welcome all of you for being here:


To get to know you a bit better, please give us a brief description of who you are, what’s your role, how you got into Product Management, what you think you can help the community with, and what the community can help you with, and any goals you set for yourself till the end of 2022!

How did you find our community?

  • I’m enrolled in one of the certifications
  • Organically on the interwebs
  • Social Media
  • Through a colleague/ friend
  • Through the Product School community (Facebook, Linkedin, Slack)
    *Other - Let us know in the comments

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For any support, @Marjorie and I will be your go-to contacts if you need anything around here or if you want to have chat about anything Product!


Thanks. I’m excited to be a part of this community.

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Honestly I am just along for the ride. I really need a mentor who will guide me. I really want to be really good at product management before applying for a job.
Thank you so much for this platform :blush:


Welcome Adaobi!

You’ll only become really good at something by doing it, so don’t hold back and start applying :wink:


DFS and Financial Inclusion consultant here. Very interested in transition to a career in product management. The idea of building something, building a solution, addressing a pain point for users and improving the way things function excites me!


Welcome welcome, @EmebetT! We’re excited that you’re here and there’s a wealth of knowledge to plug into. If there’s an element of product development you’re particularly interested in, let us know and we’ll make sure you’re connected to the right people and resources!

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Thank you @Marjorie! I’ll definitely reach out