Using AI-assist to write user stories (and get past the occasional writer's block)

Hi everyone - I would love to receive feedback from product managers specifically about our little experimental (free) app we just launched:

As a product manager myself, writer’s block has sometimes been an issue when getting started writing user stories. Through our team’s research, we learned:

  1. It is often much faster and less daunting to edit existing content to our needs rather than create it from scratch. This is why most programming languages provide a Hello World program to get developers started, and equally why it’s preferred to paste code from StackOverflow and modify as needed.

  2. Teams have an easier time completing acceptance criteria after the user story narrative is written. Therefore, writing the story narrative is a gateway to progress for the remainder of the feature requirements.

Based on this research, we designed and developed the User Story Generator to assist product managers, founders, or anyone responsible for writing requirements to get past a blank screen with a blinking cursor. Watch the video below for a full demonstration:


Love your creativity and cannot wait for your app to also create all acceptance criteria, since for me that’s the part that’s the most tricky since you do not want to miss any.

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Hi Matt,
It seems a good idea. I can see how useful it is if you are a PM with multiple products to take care in, so that you do not have time to think for yourself. Or if you are stuck with a complex product.