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Product Managers - What’s your take on Twitter adding an edit button?

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Are you for or against it and why?


The function of the edit button is less interesting to me than the timing. After all this time, why add it now? The lack of edit has become part of Twitter’s quirkiness that differentiates them.


That’s a very good question @Zaina
I am sure there are a lot of opinions on this.

In my opinion, if we take politics out of the questions (i.e. Elon Mask’s last movement) we might have faced a situation where Product people made a research and actually realised that a significant amount of their users want and need this functionality.

if there is a risk to loose authenticity, the functionality can be built in the way that the history of changes is visible on demand but in the feed the latest version is present. Is it an approach that Twitter will take? We do not know?

So, all in all, I am for the feature if there is a significant amount of users who want it but taking the feature approach to not lose the core value and authenticity of the company.

P.S.: Unfortunately, sometimes Product needs to follow the company strategy first and then the merchant needs. In this case, some previous research shows that the demand for the feature was a long time ago .