TIPS NEEDED - Getting established in your second Product Management role

Having only done a product role for a company and product I know well, I’m about to embark on a new role at a new company with a product new to me.

What is the best approach to my first 30 days to hit the ground running?

Any don’t or pitfalls to avoid?

I would say the most important thing is to quickly ‘understand’ your new company and it’s product(s). Make sure to bond with your team and other stakeholders and ask a million questions. When you’re new in a company, people don’t expect you to know everything so you should take advantage and ask, ask, ask (read: learn, learn, learn)

From day one, you probably have tons of ideas to improve the product, but keep in mind you probably also have tons of time to introduce these ideas over time. As you get to ‘understand’ your new company and product better, you might see which of your initial ideas might stick and which won’t.