The Future of Product Management Report 2022

Product folks, the moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here!

For the third consecutive year, Product School is proud to release our Future of Product Management Report.

Discover how the Product role is evolving, and the key trends that Product Managers and the leaders who hire and train them need to know. This report taps into key topics ranging from product-led growth, diversity and inclusion, and the evolution of the product career.

Read it to discover the full story on all four trends that all Product People need to know: The Future of Product Management Report 2022


@Zania You guys are doing an amazing job with quality content like this. Keep up the amazing work!

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Thanks Jesse :boom: Empowering PMs is what we do :muscle:

@Zaina Thanks for sharing the report. Validates a lot of thoughts that I had in mind, while I navigate in my product journey as a leader. It will be interesting in seeing if the paths are the same for someone who wants to be a Head of Product versus a CPO, and also if the route could look different for product managers in strategy vs delivery vs hybrid state. Not to mention, technical versus business-focused product managers, or will there be a blend of both. Too many options to diversify :slight_smile:

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