Steps from idea to launch

Hi everyone
Suppose one of your friends has a very good idea, he wants to implement this idea with your help (as a product manager).
Now the question is:
Exactly what steps do you go through and what frameworks do you use?
*My intention in asking this question is that I want to reach a conclusion because the reality is that everyone has a different opinion on this matter.

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This is a great scenario to think through, @vishtasb. @robertzalme @MacGod - what are your thoughts?

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well, the first important question you have to answer is if you agree the idea is indeed good and if you’re willing to invest your knowledge and time in getting the idea into action.

If the idea for the product is already compete and needs no further tweaking, I would definitely first investigate how to market the product. A great product without the ability to distribute it is quite useless. But if the product is good, you’ll find a way to distribute it.

Finally I would set some high-level goals/ targets in terms of number of sales, users, etc. This will help you to stay focused on your main objectives.

But… be aware not to over think things. Sometimes you just have to do it :wink: