RESUME REVIEW HELP | Curious, efficient, problem solver looking for mid-senior level PM opportunities to start ASAP!

Hello beautiful people!

I’m posting today because I am hoping to get some eyeballs on my resume & LinkedIn profile as I’m beginning my job search after a very long hiatus and looking to get started ASAP as a mid-Senior level PM:

I am a curious, fast-learning, & bold problem solver who centers my solutions around a balance of understanding the human psyche and concrete, measurable data. I live for optimizing my work today to not just serve us in the short term, but for the long term as well – I honestly couldn’t help it if I tried. Plus, I love a good multi-variant test :woman_shrugging:t5:

While I’ve never been a PM in the traditional sense, namely by title, I know that my experience at a top firm in a niche industry as an Associate VP of Digital Advertising & Acquisition makes me highly qualified.

Even at a more junior level, I was already coordinating across our creative, technical, quality assurance, and assorted strategist teams, to name a few, on top of my own strategy and execution work on direct response ads converting users to loyal “paying customers”. Not only that but when I saw inefficiencies in the ways we worked together, I took it upon myself to resolve these issues. In fact, referring to problems of any sort, our CEO called me a “meta meta meta thinker”, saying that I “often come up with solutions to problems weeks if not months, sometimes years before [anyone else at the company] has even realized there could be a problem.” When he heard this, our Chief Data & Product Officer immediately reached out asking for biweekly 1:1 meetings to pick my brain, further increasing my involvement in our first of it’s kind AI/ML based product solution. I brought significant value. Not only that, but I am a highly effective and beloved mentor, trainer, and team leader. Even many months after leaving, I still regularly hear from those who I managed in some form.

The affects of the work that I led over the last ~5 years start to finish have touched every single one of our lives in the U.S. and in some cases, the world. Now, I want to bring my curiosity, skills, and expertise to a new industry, and I’m going in tech.

I know that I’m curious, a supportive leader, someone who is always looking to learn and grow, and a hard worker at that. All that to say, anything I apply myself to, I know I can really bring a lot of value to. My concern is that I’m being underestimated because of how I’m presenting myself with my resume. Plus while my firm was top-tier, you wouldn’t know that outside of the industry.

Any and all help and guidance would be very much appreciated :innocent:

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