Product Template of the Month: PRD

Templates are like a :zap: power-up :zap: for Product Managers—they elevate your work by reducing friction in process and planning.

Product School just launched new and improved Product Management templates, validated by practicing product leaders!

Built for great product ideas and customizable for any team, discover a library of PM templates that help to make your day-to-day life easier.

These free and easy-to-use templates will integrate with your favorite planning tools to help your team with a range of common PM scenarios, from building out clear PRDs to mapping your Customer Journey.

Every month we’ll open up the floor to explore, dissect and discuss each template to understand how different PMs from diverse industries and levels tackle such topics.

To start off strong, we have the mighty Product Requirements Document Template - aka the PRD template. Download and explore our validated template below:

Download the templates you need for every scenario for free!

Let’s discuss PRDs!

PMs, what do you think is essential to have in a PRD? What’s the most challenging part of putting together this document?