Product School Students Get Free Access to Product Management Tools

Whether you’re an aspiring or seasoned PM, arming up with a powerful product stack might just be your secret sauce! With our new curriculum partners, you will be able to hone the practical skills employers are looking for, and the portfolio to match using the same tools that top Product Managers use on the job!

  • MURAL: Visual Collaboration
  • Gainsight: Product Adoption & Growth
  • Figma: Wireframe and Prototype
  • Sprig: User Research and Concept Testing
  • [AB Tasty] A/B Testing & Feature Flags
  • MixPanel: Product Analytics

With these tools, you’ll bolster your portfolio and build a real MVP product as you learn.

:round_pushpin: Discover here:

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Hey Zaina,

Thanks for the update. What of students qho have already taken the PMC course, do they also get free access to these tools?