Product Scenarios: Success Metrics


How would you advise a PM going through an interview process to adequately answer a question about measuring the success of a product?

What key metrics would you ground your answer on? What essential questions would you ask? And how would you structure your answer?

Some key questions you can ask before giving your answer:

  • What problem does your product/ feature solve for your user?
  • How well is your product/ feature solving this problem for this user?
  1. It’s always good to start with defining what is the product vision or main GOAL as metrics will have to affect the goal in a way or another
  2. it’s also good to ask clarifying questions to further define down the product, who is my persona? what problem am i solving with this product?
  3. define metrics you would want to track per segment (list all possible metrics)
  4. Qualify metrics, to narrow down to those that really ties back to your goal
  5. consider trade-offs and what you might impact along the way
  6. decide how you will prioritise these metrics and which ones you will start with