Product Scenario: PRD Challenges

PMs, hope you’re having a PRD (pretty rad day!) :hugs:

Speaking of PRDs, let’s dive into everything PRD-related!

What is a Product Requirements Document?

A Product Requirements Document (PRD) is a guide that defines a particular product’s requirements, including its purpose, features, functionality, and behavior. PRDs take you from idea to action.

This document is generally written by the Product Manager with the aim of:

  1. Communicating what they are building, who it is for, and how it benefits the end-user.
  2. Serve as a guide for business and technical teams to help develop, launch, and market the product.

PMs based on your experience, how often is this “live document” updated? Do you document every feature? How do you do it and what are some of the challenges you faced while writing one up?

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where in the world do I download the template to look at it? every link I click on in this topic, just takes me in circles to the same discussion pages…

@reflexred sorry to hear that! You can download it here: Free PRD Template

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