Product Scenario: How to Handle the HiPPO in Product Management

As a new PM hire in a company, let’s imagine you got approached by the HiPPO “highest-paid person in the room’s opinion" in your org to ‘improve’ a feature/ product that will not add value to your users

What is your first response? How do you defend your product roadmap? What kind of data or key insights do you use to reduce risk and maintain team morale?

My first response would be a question. I would try to understand his thoughts on what would be the impact of the feature on the overall product. I would also ask about the user feedbacks supporting that feature.

I will also discuss the roadmap. The roadmap should be driven by user experience and requirements. I will take some time and understand the product, user experience and user patterns. I will also discuss feedbacks with the team in 1 to 1 sessions as well as team sessions. I will link the user based data points with the roadmaps to defend the roadmap.

Team morale and motivation is very important for the success. We have to keep the emotional decisions aside and decide based on data. Making data based decisions will reduce the risk and personal choices.

I like your approach Omar. Always ask questions!

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