Product-Led Growth Micro-Certification

Make Your Product Your Engine Growth

Product-Led Growth companies are going to be the survivors of the next recession. Better yet, they are probably going to THRIVE.

Making your product your engine of growth, and a key marketing tool, will empower your customers to be your biggest advocates and unlock revenue like you’ve never seen before.

Product School and leading Customer Success and Product Experience Software, Gainsight partnered up to bring you a free Micro-Certification to help you become the PLG expert in your organization.

Start your training today, and let us know your feedback on your learning experience using the built-in survey tool in Teachable to help us make it even better!

Start now: Product Led Growth Micro-Certification (PLGC)™️ | Product School


Please make sure you provide your feedback if you take the course and respond to this thread with “I’m ready!” when you enroll so we can cheer you on!

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