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In 2022, the world has witnessed a series of events that have changed the current state of the workforce altogether. This year has marked the impact of an inflation surge, layoffs in the midst of a recession, and unsettling political situations. This has put a lot of pressure on both businesses and individuals to adapt and stay resilient in the face of change.

And prioritizing mental well-being is not a one-off task on October 10th, it is a lifelong commitment.

If you’re a Product Manager, it’s likely that you’ve dealt with burnout, imposter syndrome, anxiety or depression at some point in your career. In fact, 80% of tech workers have suffered from mental health issues, so no you’re not alone.

Many Product Professionals have to juggle multiple requests from stakeholders, achieve quarterly targets, and accommodate frequently-changing expectations, which can lead to burnout.

Burnout is a state of physical and emotional exhaustion. It can occur when you experience long-term stress in your career or have worked in a physically or emotionally draining role for a long time.

Job search burnout is also a thing! Looking for a job is hard work. And like any work you do, it can burn you out if you go about it the wrong way.

Regardless of which type of burnout you are combating, here are some general tips to help you prioritize your well-being.

Unplug before/ after work. Learn to set clear boundaries both with yourself and your employer to make sure you are effectively disconnecting from your job. Shift your mindset and enjoy downtime without guilt!

Stay connected with your support network. Whether it’s friends, family, or Product peers, it’s important to have people you can rely on and who may share the same struggles as you. Lean on them for support when you’re struggling.

Set clear boundaries. To reduce the chances of getting overwhelmed by your workload, make it clear how much you can take on so you don’t end up with too much on your plate. Try to manage and prioritize your goals on a day-to-day basis.

Make time for yourself. It’s important to have hobbies and activities that you enjoy outside of work. This can help you supercharge and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Build empowered team cultures. As a team leader, it’s also your responsibility to offer your team support, encourage open communication, and show appreciation. This will help employees stay motivated, build trust, and lower the likelihood of turnover.

Seek professional help. Talk to a therapist or counselor for support and guidance. There are many affordable resources available online; check out our recent Instagram post for ideas.

Make mental health your priority. If you or someone you know is suffering from burnout as a Product practitioner, consider this place as a safe space to share your challenges and experiences.

To learn more about combating burnout in your career as a PM, check out the insights in this 28-minute webinar from CNN Director of Product, Simone Nili.

Watch it here:

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