PM Templates: Who Influences your Product Roadmap Most?

Whether you use your Product Roadmap to get stakeholder buy-in or to align your team, it’s an effective visual communication tool that you and your team will reference repeatedly.

The golden ticket question is: What or who normally influences your roadmap?

  • Is it your customer?
  • Sales?
  • Product Marketing?
  • HiPPO (highest-paid person’s opinion) :sweat_smile:

Share your roadmap do’s and don’t in the comments!

Here are (4) free roadmap templates for you to use!


Luckily my roadmap is being influenced in a healthy way by all these 4 stakeholder groups.

In my opinion the #1 “do” when it comes to roadmaps is to be transparent about you roadmap. Do not be afraid to communicate about any of your adjustments to your roadmap and make sure your internal stakeholders have access to your roamap.

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