PI Planning as Part of Product Development

For those working in product management, how much is PI planning (program increment planning) a part of your product development? If you use it, do you find it helpful? If not, what works best for how you practice product management? Is PI planning something you would be interested in learning more about?

Would love to hear how this plays out for you!

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I’ve worked at organizations that use PI planning from SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) it can be really process-heavy but organizations with a lot of dependencies (or teams that don’t work autonomously) tend to favor this methodology.

It can be really limiting for PMs because it tends to take away the ability to make decisions and gives it to the managers above.

It can definitely slow things down. When I worked at a previous organization, PI planning helped PMs identify dependencies early, connect with the right people to ensure they had all of the details needed for user stories where those dependencies existed, and foresee issues that might prevent a release where possible. The flip side to that was that with a larger portfolio, deprioritization of things that were mid-flight was almost a norm, which was frustrating. Overall, though, I can see how it can limit PMs.

  • Multiple teams
  • Teams dependent upon each other
  • Significant Challenge

Are these challenges you’ve faced, @Emenike? I would love to learn more about your thoughts on PI planning.