Mentoring Session with Amazon Sr PM, Parth Acharya

Do you want the opportunity to get real personalized, advice from top product leaders in the industry? Look no further! Product School is offering a new opportunity to get YOU in front of a top-notch product professional offering live advice on a specific topic.

This Friday, 26 August 2022, we will be joined by Amazon Sr PM, Parth Acharya. He is ready to share his unique knowledge of planning, roadmaps, leadership, and negotiation. If you are looking for advice and inspiration on how to take charge and steer your team to greatness, register today to learn from one of the best.

Join a small group that can ask questions directly to the mentor or register as an observer! 5 more FREE tickets are left allowing you and the other guests to share your time with the mentor, getting your specific questions directly answered on Zoom during the event.

For more information on how this event will work or to register, visit the registration page linked here.

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