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Hi Everyone,

My name is Heena Shah and I am located in Alberta, Canada. I am an adventurous person and enjoy going on hikes, to the gym and trying out different cuisines. I have my Bachelors in Management and have been interested in learning about Product Management for a while now, I love the idea of building a product from scratch and seeing it get executed, I truly cant wait to get started!

I currently work at Worley Industrial as an Assistant Field Accountant Lead on the Suncor Project. I’ve worked in the oil and gas industry since my graduation and have worked with all the top oil and gas sites here in Alberta.

Although I do not currently have any product management experience, I do have lots of management skills and experience due to my degree and various roles that I have worked. I am interested in learning the foundations of Product Management and learning how to apply them in the world and hopefully gain some amazing opportunities with the big multinational companies.

Would love to connect with you all, I can be reached on linkedin at


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Hi @hnpsh Heena! You’re passion and enthusiasm are most welcome here!!

Most skills are transferrable to Product Management. We’re excited to learn with you and see where you go in Product. Welcome aboard :rocket:

Hi Tosin @Tosin!! It’s a pleasure to have you here with us. What an interesting product you got there. How did you fall into it/ seek it out? I’d love to learn more :star_struck:

  • Where are you located? - Fairfax, Virginia, USA
  • What do you do in your free time? - Watch movies
  • How did you find Product Management? - From my work
  • What did you study? Do you have any professional qualifications? - I have Bachelors in Technology
  • Who are you working for right now, and in what capacity? - I am working for a leading Financial Company as Lead Engineer in Technology
  • What is your PM experience? - Work very closely with but not having any experience
  • Is there an area of Product that interests you more than others? - Solving real world issue with feature & technology
  • Do you have a company in mind that you’d love to work for? No
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Welcome to the community @reachtoauro! We’re glad you’re here!


Hey PM Community,

My name is Mohit. I am from India but currently based in Kuala Lumpur where I am working at Honeywell as a Lead Project Engineer. I work in the Industrial Automation sector which deals with IIOT, Cyber Security for industries such as O&G, Chemical etc.

I am currently pursuing Exec-MBA at Asia School of Business, an MIT Sloan Global Program, along with my job. I have a B.E. degree in Instrumentation and Control from Manipal Institute of Technology in India.

I am investing my limited free time to upskill myself with focus on Product Management and Data Visualization tools at the moment. I am hoping to land my first job as Product Manager after completion of my MBA in June’23. I am looking for career opportunities in India, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Some of the companies that I really admire and hope to work for someday are Microsoft, Google, Duolingo and Lego because of the social impact their product brings across the world in EdTech space.

In order to get started with PM, I reached out to some of the PMs in my company as well as my LinkedIn connection and I was surprised to learn that most of them recommended to explore Product School certifications. That led me to attend some Product School webinars, read the free book by Product school called HIRED (really interesting) and take up Micro-cert on Product Analytics using Mixpanel.

While I have no professional experience as a PM, I have been always indirectly involved with tech products at work where I dealt with QA Testing when I first started my job, customizing product configuration to meet customer requirements for different projects, working closely with DE team in product improvement/ new product introduction initiatives within my company. These different opportunities gave me basic exposure of Product life cycle from an Iterative model as well as Agile model point of view, User stories, Jira/Siebel as a tool for reporting and tracking bugs on the job.

During my MBA program at MIT, I got a chance to learn about System Dynamics from some Prof. John D Sterman, Prof. David R Keitha and Prof Hazir Rahmandad. I love this subject because it allows you to address complex problems in a very simple way. Being a systems thinker by training and at heart, working on products require you to be a systems thinker to recognize that big problems worth solving require holistic solutions to account for all these inter-dependencies with these other parts beyond the technology itself. This has guided me through the different roles I have been involved in and products I worked on.

I look forward to learning from this community and hopefully sharing some interesting thoughts and ideas along my journey to PM.



Hi Mohit! Welcome to our Product community, we’re thrilled to have you here with us!!

Your background in product and tech is very interesting, and as a fellow Edtech enthusiast myself I resonate with your approach to the product space.

We’re delighted that you’re equipping yourself with Product School resources, and there’s more where that came from! We’re here for you every step of the way in your product trajectory. If you have any concerns or questions about the nuanced product practice, please use this space to learn and ask theses questions to your fellow product peers :rocket:

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Hi, I am Mahdi from USA, Los Angeles. I read Product and User Behavioral related books and watch any kind of movies and tv series which are similar to black Mirror. I am an entrepreneur who likes to build something that people really love. the product that I fell in love with is Commodore 64 (80’s). I have 12 years of experience in Product Design and Technical Product Management. I like validating product Ideas and Doing continuous improvement. I like to work for google.

Hey there! My name is Anthony or AB for short.

  • Currently in San Diego, CA for December but moving to Portland, OR in January!
  • I consult with influencers (primarily Youtubers) to help them get better brand deals and branch into new revenue streams for their brand.
  • My hobbies are DJing, reading, hiking, gym time, farmers markets, and making incredible food. This year I am getting into Hunting and Foraging.
  • I am positive, energetic, creative, and passionate.
  • First product I fell in love with was Spotify Discover Weekly.
  • No PM experience at all. Complete newbie. However I have tons of sales and marketing experience.
  • I want to work in product to learn how to create strategy, work with others, and develop skills and processes that will carry over with me to launch highly valuable products into the world.
  • I would love to work for a music-tech company like Spotify, Soundcloud, or Youtube.
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Hi, I’m Shiwan in Los ANgeles.
I play golf and tennis in my free time! I also enjoy hiking and traveling!
I am serious and funny at the same time!
I first fell in love with Wayz!
I have been a PM in aspects of my career.

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Hello everyone, I am KUNLE (pronounced coon-lay, full name: Olakunle Ogedengbe) and I am a Nigerian Head of IT / CIO working with a multinational CPG and based out of a regional HQ in Rome, Italy (relocated just over a month now from Nigeria). I enjoy family time, travel, reading and sports in my free time.

I am passionate about unlocking outcomes over generic project delivery, and have had the privilege of leading and collaborating with teams on building and deploying products with my current employer over the past ~6 years. I am taking the SPMC+ PLC courses to consolidate on my knowledge and strengthen my capabilities in product management and leadership.

Excited to learn and contribute!

Hi Everyone! My name is Juan Carlos De La Torre, but everyone calls me JC for short. I am in Southern California. On my free time I love to go 4x4 exploring with my family and find new music. I am a very roll up my sleeve and get it done person, really adaptible and a student of life. The first product I geel in love with was my drone. Funny storry crashed it within the first 10 min, oppeneded it up, found parts, fix and replaced it. I dont have any direct PM experince. I come froma heavy technical sales and marketing background. I have worked with many PMs, engineers and designers for customer feedback and ideas. Which is why I aspire to be a PM. Not just gather feedback, but being part of the build, design, input and colloaboration with every department. As an avid offroader, dream would be to work as a PM for Jeep or the Mopar group.

Hi everyone, My name is Kamal Bhatia, and after working in California and New York for several years, I have recently moved to Chicago.

I love to cook, practice Yoga, and watch Netflix in my free time! I did my Bachelor’s in Bio-Informatics and post graduate diploma in Internet Systems from Canada. I love to be creative and bring new ideas to the table while building anything. Whatever I do, I like to do it with full heart and passion.

Working for Apple right now as a UI Lead with 13 years of experience in the industry building products but looking to transition to product management officially. In the future, I would love to work for a Retail/E-commerce company or a product that I believe in.

Looking forward to learning from you all. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn

Let’s do this!!!
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Hello everyone! I am Priyal, tuning in from Vancouver, BC, Canada. I have been in Canada for seven years. I started off my professional career as a systems engineer and then a financial analyst.

After having conversations with product managers, I got super interested in this field and I am here to build connections and learn from all of you. I am looking to be in the Fintech space but transition into a product based role than just doing financial analysis.

Looking forward to lots of learnings from all of you. Please feel free to connect with me on Linkedin (

Looking forward to connecting!