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I was give a Resume writing master class by 11th July 2022 but I lost it. I can’t trace the track to complete it. Can you help me ? Will appreciate it.
Erdoo Anongo

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I am based out of Islamabad, Pakistan. I usually read articles/topics/books and spend time with my family. I am a technology enthusiast and I love keeping updated with the latest trends. The product I liked was Smart Cart by Veeve. I myself was part of the team working on the smart cart. I have some experience of product management and I keep on learning and implementing wherever I can. I love to work with the data. Any team or any product that is developed based on data-driven decision inspires. I can add value to any organization that is new and they still have to grow from 0 to 30. My work discipline increases during the stress situations.


Good morning :slight_smile: my name is Ashlynn Timm and I live in Neenah, Wisconsin. About 35 minutes from Green Bay. Go Packers! I have two children that are 11 and 7. In my free time I enjoy watching both of my kids in their sporting activities and enjoying the outdoors - especially swimming! If I had to describe myself in a few words I would use independent, determined, enthusiastic and persevering.

I currently work for Thrivent Financial as a Strategic Initiatives Implementation Manager. Other experiences that I have include Business Owner, Product Owner and Project Manager. When I look to my future, the next step for me is Product Management which I am extremely excited about and why I am starting to educate myself more on this profession. In my current role, I do utilize a lot of the same skills that are needed to be a successful Product Manager, but am thrilled to expand those over the week.


Hi @Erdoo,

I’m going to send you a private message so we can get to the bottom of this.


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Excellent to have you here, @AakashRohilla! Welcome!

Thank you for joining the community, @Chidike! We look forward to learning with you!


Welcome to the community @JonMeisburg! I love that your background is in Learning Experience Design. Would love to see what you share around that topic here in the community!

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Welcome @Omar-Uppal! I also love working with data. It helps tell a great story around how people are interacting within a product/experience and can help us see ahead to make improvements. Looking forward to learning with you here in the community!

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Welcome to the community, @AshlynnTimm. I would love to know what draws you to product management. Also, we recently had a question of the week tackling the question around product owner vs. product manager. As one who has done both, I would love to get your perspective! You can find the thread here. Thanks for being here!

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Hi, I am Kevin and I am based in the New York City area. In free time I like to watch sports, play sports videogames, and go on long walks. I found product management via a collaboration opportunity at my current company. I studied Finance, and I have my PMP and CSPO certifications. I am open company wise, but I like the idea of working for microsoft, nba, spotify or nike.

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Hi, @Kevin welcome to our community! Where are you in your product journey and how can we help you?

I am starting the course tonight to come out on the other end ready to help launch products that people feel great.

Thank you for having me here.

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Hi! My name is Simon. I am from Germany. I work in education. I create and run courses on Scrum and Agile Product Management.

Welcome to our community @Simon! It’s a pleasure to have you here and we’re excited to learn from your experience.

Hi everyone, I’m Sergio.

I’m an experienced Product Manager based in Porto, Portugal.

I’ve done a little of everything during my 7+ years in product management, but my primary expertise is on SaaS B2B web applications with a focus on UX.

I’m looking for remote opportunities for companies with a genuinely agile mindset.

A perfect day to me starts with a surf session before the daily :sunny:

I am Parul. I did my Ph.D. in Neuroscience. I live in California. I am an excellent researcher who switched to a product management course. I have completed some entry-level courses for PM. I would love to do work in healthcare companies. I am eagerly looking for APM positions.