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Welcome @ronkeoyemade! We’re so glad to have you here and and love that you’re curious about the journey of other community members! I want to make sure your post gets the attention it deserves. Would you mind posting your question here so we can make sure the community sees it?

And let us know how we can help you along your journey!

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Hello everyone!

My name is Rose Woo, and I fell in love with Agile as an electrician. I was one of the first electrician’s to implement Scrum cerimonies, Kanban, and LEAN on a construction site in Memphis, TN to save a company $500,000. From there, I was encouraged to take on coding challeneges, and eventually got into UX design where I earned a certificate in UX/UI design. I started my career as a Product Manager with a PSM-1 at Silicon Valley Project Management and have gone onto lead site wide redesign initiatives to improve the sign-up funnel and revenue streams. In a month, I will have one year worth of Product Management experience under my belt.

If anybody wants to connect on LinkedIn, I would be happy to swap stories over virtual coffee.


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Hello everyone. I’m excited about starting the course. Here is some info about me:

  • Where are you located?
    Framingham, MA

  • What do you do in your free time?
    run, go for walks, journal, watch movies

  • How did you find Product Management
    I started building applications for work and learned about it when I started creating requirements.

  • What did you study? Do you have any professional qualifications?
    I have a BA in economics.

  • Who are you working for right now, and in what capacity?
    I am a solution consultant (technical sales) at ServiceNow - a software company.

  • What is your PM experience?
    I don’t have any PM experience but I do work with PMs often.

  • Is there an area of Product that interests you more than others?
    I’m most interested in defining and organizing requirements and connecting them to customer value.

  • Do you have a company in mind that you’d love to work for?
    I would love to start my own company some day. I would like to work for a company that focuses on building note-taking apps like Notion or Roam Research.

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Welcome to our community Rose! What a journey you had, kudos to you! How did you land your first PM role and how can we help you level up? Is there anything, in particular, you need support with?

It’s a pleasure to have you here Mike! Are you looking to transition from consulting to Product? Can we support you in any way?

Hi everyone, I am Yashasvi. I am currently based in Texas but am originally from India. I am machine learning engineer with experience in healthcare and CPG/Retail domain with three years of experience.

I feel at the core of any company is their product and the opportunity to lead and create workflows around it seems exciting to me. I do not have any direct experience but in my current role I did develop product roadmap for myself and follow that on a sprint level. I keep learning and reading how be become a better product manager in my free time (working on the core skills as well as the soft skills).

The idea of working for a small Retail companies is ideal for me (since there is a scope of constant fast-pace experimentation and responsibilities to drive the product to market or the life of company is at stake); Companies like Allbirds or even smaller which have sustainable and innovative side to it.

Apart from all the technical part of the things, I enjoy traveling, exploring new restaurants, TV and I have recently started training for my first marathon.

I am here to learn from everyone and get hired for my first PM role :slight_smile:

Please reach out if you have any advice for me; I would love to hear from you!

Good luck to all of you!

Hi Zaina. Thank you for saying hello. I am interested in becoming a product manager for a note-taking/productivity app. I currently work in enterprise software sales as a technical salesperson. I don’t have any immediate needs, but I think it would be helpful if I could look at some job requirements for that target role just so I can understand what to focus on in this course and where my gaps are.

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Hi, my name is Nelson, I am located in Austria, I am Portuguese and I am a Postdoc working on topics like visual analytics, eye-tracking, data science and healthcare.
I like to hike, swim, play the piano and read in my free time.

My first product “love” was MS Windows 1.0 as at the time me and my colleagues we were trying to replicate it by coding in Pascal programming language, e.g. GUI with windows and minimize/maximize buttons included :slight_smile: We were intrigued by the business model of windows and MSDOS .

Throughout my career, I was responsible for PM several times, from developing ERPs to managing PTC Windchill PLM implementations to developing new products starting in academia/research or in the moulds industry.

I love PM, especially when started with a new idea/concept.

Strategic/Competitive/Marketing intelligence associated with data science are very interesting areas.

I would love to work for Microsoft, NASA/CERN, Google, and new startups in the bio/aerospace areas.

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That’s awesome! Welcome to our community Nelson @njssnjss :sunny:

What’s next for you in your career? Anyway, the community can support you?

I am Hernan Chiosso, I live in Upstate NY.
In my free time I like to play guitar, paint, read a book, go on hikes with my son and assemble lego sets with him. As you can see, that doesn’t leave too much free time :smiley:

I am curious. creative, and passionate, and I like to collaborate with likeminded individuals. I am passionate about mentoring.

I am not sure I recall the first product I fell in love with (I’m old!) but one that is more recent is Calendly, because it solves the (very wasteful) problem of going back and forth to schedule events.

I have PM experience, both from my prior life as a Developer and Project Manager and from my role leading Global Talent, where I helped clients and internal teams build wikis, intranets, CRMs, employee recognition platforms and implement HR Tech tools like HRIS, ATS, LMS, etc.

I want to work in Product because I love solving problems in creative ways that allow me to experiment and learn. Working in HR all these years was great and I learned a lot, but I noticed I was getting frustrated about always having to focus on the more administrative/boring parts of HR. And I noticed that the parts of my job that I enjoyed the most (and got the best results at) were actually building products. So I figured it would make sense to do what I love and what I’m good at.
I also feel that I have picked up some valuable skills along the way that I can apply to Product:

I particularly would like to work on product management in HR Tech products (ATS, HRIS, LMS, mentoring platforms, etc. ) because I feel my expertise on HR and people management could be valuable to empathize with clients. I have felt their pain, and I want to help build products that fix that.

Ideally, this would be companies like Lever, Greenhouse, Udemy, Personio, etc. that cater to the needs of organizations that need to support an increasingly remote workforce.

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Hi everyone! My name is Ian and I am a current undergraduate student at New York University in NYC with a focus in technology management, development, and policy. I am really excited to learn more from this community about working in tech and specifically in product management. I have always wanted to work in tech to solve problems and create great products for users, and this community has been a great resource in helping me get started.
Feel free to add me on Linkedin.

Thank you!

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Hi there!!

This is Sofia Bravo. I am chilean, and living in San Francisco, CA for the past 7 years.
Designer as a profession at a University with a focus on experiences design, I actually always felt more connected to business.
After working as a buyer and shoe designer for 8 years, I joined Wheel the World. An amazing startup were we offer accessible travel por people with disabilities. HOW? By guaranteeing accurate accessibility information by gathering more than 200 datapoints with our app and then offering recommendations based on our travelers accessibility needs.
Startup life, I was doing absolutely everything and as our company grew, I started taking product responsibilities, as my product sense, customer understanding experience was aligned to this need.

I am obsessed with my job, and now I want to take my career and company to a next level, so I am looking to grow professionally and have more tools to guide our startup to reach product market fit.
In my free time, I love trail running while listening to podcast, watching TV series. But also I hang out with my family, I have 2 kids and a husband, so its another startup more.

I am really interested on learning more on how to build roadmaps and prioritize correctly.
At the moment, not interested at all on moving to another company. I LOVE what I do and what we do.

WATCH HERE and amazing video of what we do. (it will only take 2 min!)

Hope to meet you! :slight_smile:

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Welcome @hchiosso @ian_felzer @sofiabravoa It’s great to have you here!

Hi everyone,

My name is Daniel Campos – I’m based in New York City & currently work in Corporate Strategy at IBM. I’ve had prior “product-adjacent” roles at Palantir Technologies & at data science start-up Civis Analytics, & I also recently got my MBA from Harvard Business School.

After a career working very close to Product – I’ve decided I want to take the steps to transition into a Product Management role & career. I love the idea that everyday, my role would be to serve as the “voice of the customer” & work cross-functionally to solve hard problems for them (from strategy through execution). I’ve worked mostly in B2B tech & think I want to transition into consumer-tech, but honestly I’m not 100% sure yet! I am hoping to get some clarity for myself as part of my journey participating in this course.

Great to meet everyone!



I am Ritu Agarawal. I love reading on Space and new tech innovations as a hobby. Currently I handle techno functional roles in Ecomm space and would now love to transition to Product management, with Google at Next billion users being my dream role.
Looking forward to learning with the amazing community here