Introduce Yourself!

Hi @Erdoo,

I’m going to send you a private message so we can get to the bottom of this.


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Excellent to have you here, @AakashRohilla! Welcome!

Thank you for joining the community, @Chidike! We look forward to learning with you!


Welcome to the community @JonMeisburg! I love that your background is in Learning Experience Design. Would love to see what you share around that topic here in the community!

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Welcome @Omar-Uppal! I also love working with data. It helps tell a great story around how people are interacting within a product/experience and can help us see ahead to make improvements. Looking forward to learning with you here in the community!

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Welcome to the community, @AshlynnTimm. I would love to know what draws you to product management. Also, we recently had a question of the week tackling the question around product owner vs. product manager. As one who has done both, I would love to get your perspective! You can find the thread here. Thanks for being here!

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Hi, I am Kevin and I am based in the New York City area. In free time I like to watch sports, play sports videogames, and go on long walks. I found product management via a collaboration opportunity at my current company. I studied Finance, and I have my PMP and CSPO certifications. I am open company wise, but I like the idea of working for microsoft, nba, spotify or nike.

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Hi, @Kevin welcome to our community! Where are you in your product journey and how can we help you?

I am starting the course tonight to come out on the other end ready to help launch products that people feel great.

Thank you for having me here.

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Hi! My name is Simon. I am from Germany. I work in education. I create and run courses on Scrum and Agile Product Management.

Welcome to our community @Simon! It’s a pleasure to have you here and we’re excited to learn from your experience.

Hi everyone, I’m Sergio.

I’m an experienced Product Manager based in Porto, Portugal.

I’ve done a little of everything during my 7+ years in product management, but my primary expertise is on SaaS B2B web applications with a focus on UX.

I’m looking for remote opportunities for companies with a genuinely agile mindset.

A perfect day to me starts with a surf session before the daily :sunny:

I am Parul. I did my Ph.D. in Neuroscience. I live in California. I am an excellent researcher who switched to a product management course. I have completed some entry-level courses for PM. I would love to do work in healthcare companies. I am eagerly looking for APM positions.

Hello everyone! I’m Bader, Product lead At ADIIB digital banking based in UAE (Dubai). I have over 8 years in the digital and tech industry working as a product manager for several companies (VOD, fantasy sport, fintech).
I’m here to exchange IDEAS and Develop and boost my product knowledge by getting new points of view, best practices,…etc)
Nice to meet you all and Pleasure to be in this community.

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Welcome, Bader! We’re thrilled to have you here with us!!

Hello everyone! I’m Tosin from Nigeria and I’m super excited to meet you all! I’m currently working as a PM at Comix. We are creating a platform where comic artist can share their works easily with the end users. I’m here to connect and learn.

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Hi Everyone,

My name is Heena Shah and I am located in Alberta, Canada. I am an adventurous person and enjoy going on hikes, to the gym and trying out different cuisines. I have my Bachelors in Management and have been interested in learning about Product Management for a while now, I love the idea of building a product from scratch and seeing it get executed, I truly cant wait to get started!

I currently work at Worley Industrial as an Assistant Field Accountant Lead on the Suncor Project. I’ve worked in the oil and gas industry since my graduation and have worked with all the top oil and gas sites here in Alberta.

Although I do not currently have any product management experience, I do have lots of management skills and experience due to my degree and various roles that I have worked. I am interested in learning the foundations of Product Management and learning how to apply them in the world and hopefully gain some amazing opportunities with the big multinational companies.

Would love to connect with you all, I can be reached on linkedin at


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Hi @hnpsh Heena! You’re passion and enthusiasm are most welcome here!!

Most skills are transferrable to Product Management. We’re excited to learn with you and see where you go in Product. Welcome aboard :rocket:

Hi Tosin @Tosin!! It’s a pleasure to have you here with us. What an interesting product you got there. How did you fall into it/ seek it out? I’d love to learn more :star_struck: