I am getting bottleneck in 1st rounds every single time

I honestly don’t know what’s going on. After 50 interviews or more I just seem to get rejected so many times after the 1st round, of course there’s no feedback shared. I am just exhausted and don’t know how to correct or steer course.
*** Is this normal? **
*** What’s your experience?**
I felt like I was the perfect fit so many times and that it was pretty hard to actually find a fit that specific to me but it seems like companies don’t feel that way (I have 5-7 years experience) (A great looking Linkedin, lots of recommendations in it, etc.)

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Wow, @Jvalcarcel that has to be an incredibly frustrating experience. Especially when no feedback is shared, which could potentially help you at your next interview. Pulling in some expertise from our community that might help.

@RayoJoy, @h.auler @RoseWoo - any thoughts/advice/tips you can share with Juan?


I would like a bit more detail.

What method are you using to answer the interview questions?
Do you talk about Agile methodologies at all within the interview?


Hi, @Jvalcarcel I’d love to help but I’d need some more details as well.

By 1st interview you mean the screening interview or actually the interview with the person hiring?

Are you over the HR stage or you’re bottlenecking at HR?

The reason I’m asking is that the person rejecting you has different objectives depending on the hiring stage.

If HR is rejecting you, it can be two things: salary or lacking “crucial” skills.
When asked what is your expected salary, what is your answer? Are you giving a set price or a range? Is it too low or too high? Are you checking for the pay in your region?

Have you checked for crucial skills? I mean, technology Product Managers are required to know Agile, maybe you’re lacking a crucial skill for the industry you’re being interviewed for…

HR people don’t really know about the job itself, so if you’re being rejected by them check for objective shortcomings.

On other hand, if you’re being rejected by someone from the area of sorts, you can try to figure out where the interview turn cold, are you asking questions to let you know what they’re expecting? Are you interviewing them as well?

With more details, I think we can figure it out together but I hope this helps!


I feel your frustration and I am facing similar challenges. If possible go on a trip to a new place. Allow yourself to feel the emotions. If you’re someone who practices meditation, doing this helps to let go of the negative emotions so that you can see with clearer eyes and fresh ideas can flow into you

On another note, have these first round typically been telephone or video calls? If video, have you considered your appearance; background; video eye contact? If it’s telephone, are you taking the call in a standing position to elevate your voice?

Have you considered having a practice buddy you can rehearse mock interviews with?

When you give your 60 seconds elevator pitch, are you highlighting your unique attributes and mentioning attributes that the jobs require?