Hi I'm Sash Margrie Hunt

Hi, I’m Sash Margrie Hunt

  • I work remotely so I move around a fair bit. Currently, I’m located in Antigua & Barbuda but usually split my time between here and London, UK.

  • In my free time I do whatever extreme sport I have access to (climate dependant) such as snowboarding, kitesurfing, wakeboarding, surfing, rock climbing, etc. Apart from those I also play golf, go to the gym and love reading when I get the chance.

  • I came into product management through UX design at a startup. However, I was previously an industrial designer and project manager so fairly transferable skills.

  • In terms of studies, my undergraduate degree is in Industrial Design. I later retrained in UX design. Project management and product management are self-taught.

  • In terms of work I am currently CPO at a Fintech startup in London called Kalgera. I am Co-Founder & CTO at a blockchain-based business which has a couple of subsidiary businesses underneath it. I run a consultancy which is currently fulfilling a contract for the Government of Antigua & Barbuda. Lastly, I also do business and marketing consulting for my family which is predominantly based on manufacturing and bespoke artwork.

  • I have been undertaking a PM role at the Kalgera start-up for the last 3 1/2 years and at the blockchain start-up for 1 year.

  • I find strategy to be the most interesting part of being a PM.

  • There isn’t any particular company I have in mind in terms of wanting to work for. I would generally prefer to build my own company and work for myself.

  • My LinkedIn is https://www.linkedin.com/in/sashmhunt/ if you’d like to connect :slight_smile:

Hi Sash! I loved reading your intro, and that you’re a self taught PM. I’ve been in product for several years in fundraising but just started a new B2B PM role in Data & Insight - sort of new territory for me - and will be working on UX as part of that. I just sent you a LinkedIn request, it would be great to connect! I’m also London based.

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