🔑 Habits of Product Managers That Make a Big Difference

It's the little things that separate the good PMs from the truly great ones

In the hectic, yet intensely rewarding, career of Product Management, there are a lot of habits you can adopt that will help you in each hurdle, support each sprint, and keep development moving forward

What are some good habits that you’ve picked up as a PM that has tremendously changed the way you work? Improved relationships with your team? Helped you focus?

I can name a few
:busts_in_silhouette: Dedicating time with your team, customers, and product
:walking_woman: Taking a walk to clear brain fog

What do you do?

To learn more check out this indepth blog post : https://prdct.school/3b77Upr

:brain: Embrace the fact I do not know everything and ask for help and opinions


@robertzalme I love this! If anything seeking help is a sign of strength. Staying curious and open to new perspectives is essential for PMs and folks in general. Would you share with us the moment when you came to this realization? When do you normally find yourself asking others for their opinions? Is it in moments of doubt or certainty?

There is a saying: if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together. I came to realise I’m more of a “go far” type of person instead of a “go fast” type, hence I need others to reach my goals.

In moments of doubt, I’ll ask for help, in moments of certainty I’ll ask for opinions.

Beside, I simply do not see why you wouldn’t use the knowledge and skills available thanks to the people around you.