Gamification - Anyone?


I’m a PM and an avid gamer and recently I’ve found myself in a conundrum. I have a product I’m working on and it’s ripe for gamification, it would add a HUGE UX boost and it would greatly improve its design.

But I can’t figure out how to present these findings as both my research and visual references come from video games and I find that topic very controversial when presenting to Executives.

How would you go about presenting elements to a serious software, made for corporates, to indicate it would massively benefit from having gaming components? How would I show seriousness when my visual cues are from kid-friendly games similar to Pokemon?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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I would say that the best thing to do is to present your project to a ui professional, in order to be provided with a proper identity solution.

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But what if we’re still in the Discovery phase? We don’t want to sink too much effort into a solution that might be scrapped.
Should we still get the Designer involved? Wouldn’t that be overkill?

You could start by presenting different gamification techniques used in similar industry.

Below are examples of compines used game elements in their design:

1- Ed-tech company Instructure
2- L’Oréal Travel Retail(Growth Engineering win Two Golds At the Brandon Hall Technology Awards - Learning News)
3- Digital bank - BBVA (Gamification In Finance And Banking)