Founder to Product Manager

Has anyone transitioned into a career in product after shutting down their startup? If so, what tips do you have?


Being a founder is an advantage when it comes to transitioning into product because you’re going to have a portfolio and clear track record that you can represent. This may not be as compelling as speaking to a product that you managed as part of a PM organization but it will certainly give you ample opportunity to showcase how you think and how you approached a product where you led product strategy. It also really speaks to your entrepreneurialism which is a desirable trait that not all PMs can credibly represent.


Good point. I’m curious how would you respond if an interviewer ask an entrepreneur “you have no formal training”?

I would say “I have real-world experience which is how previous generations of product managers have transitioned into product. And I’ve supplemented that with …”

If you have not taken Product School’s free micro-certifications that’s a good place to start. This just launched.
Of course, you could also get some formal training :slight_smile:

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