Daria Rolina [scorecard]

Hi from Slovenia!

I am a pm from Ukraine, staying in Maribor (Slo)
My linked is https://www.linkedin.com/in/dasha-rolina/

So here it is:

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  1. I am lucky to have it in our company !! :heart_eyes:
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  1. I’ve nailed the topic, dear product school should we organize a talk about it? I already have ok slides for the presentation :sunglasses:
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  1. Nice kick off for my twitter))
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  1. I hate this selfie. Please add some filters))) :disguised_face:
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  1. Insta selfies are better. My cat just arrived from Ukraine to Slovenia. Happy to be here - safe, calm, in a great mood, conferencing, working (a little)) :ukraine: :slovenia:
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  1. and some more connections are in the process.
  1. Oh ProductCon, stop making me multitasking, huh? The talk is worthy!
  1. :dove: :parrot: :feather: :owl: :eagle:
    I feel like an inspiration) and I seriously like amplitude

  1. These questions are tricky! I like the @erincummins answer.
    To be honest seems like my product is never being done ) :space_invader:
  1. It was two forms!!

Oh! thank you


  1. I would measure it by results, not by hours)
    But it case by hr is watching then 40 ) :computer:
  1. referral)) :muscle:

We have a slack channel at work. So in Ukrainian it says:

"Hey friends, here is a lovely community with books, courses and certifications ! "

  1. When a speaker starts and just feels like the friend is speaking to you! So sincere, warm, inspiring and real! :broken_heart:
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  1. Love this talk. Blablacar is an inspiration.

What admires me in the product art&science is that it is philosophical and holistic.

hehe… mkay ) :old_key:

but my desk is in the kitchen))