Cholico, Adrian - Scorecard

Hi! I am Adrian from Mexico, currently starting my career as Product Owner. Please feel free to contact me.

Let’s connect on LinkedIn


First step always the hardest - Here are the evidencies for Hopin profile: LinkedIn, Profile Image & Job Title.

Hello, community!

Second step (task)… Introducing myself in Hopin event chat… no responses nor reactions received yet hahaha…

Step #3 - A screenshot of this very page :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue:

Step #4 - Let’s tweet about it!

Learn The More You Know GIF by @InvestInAccess

Skipping task #5 - I am enjoying my first ProductCon Experiencie online!

This is six! - Sharing my first ProductCon Experience from home :slight_smile:

The Best one of all the tasks! #7 - Networking and Personal Connection!

Not bragging, I am really happy! hahaha

Task 8 - @Zaina Polls … One of the best parts of my first ProductCon Experience!

This one is the funniest of them all!

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My Nineth #9 Task - I navigated thru the sponsors and found Pendo, which I has no idea what it was about, but after watching their short, precise, catching video on youtube, it made me want to know more!
Fortunately, Brandon Perry from Pendo connected with me on LinkedIn, it was great to talk to him!


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Task number Ten - Not really good at rhymes :rofl:

Thanks to the online Space Jam music interrumption, it was inspiration for me haha

Task #11 - Thank you for taking my opinion in consideration.
Those lucky folks who attended in-person. I want exclusive socks too!

The 12th step - My best recommendation ever!

Let’s jump to task #13 - Twitter thread - first time doing it haha

Lots of learning opportunities, howevery let’s give a round of applause to the music band!

#14 - This one was really interesting, the dynamic among participants was flawless.

#15 - Thank you ProductCon, my first experience… you made it unforgettable !

Remembering Season 3 GIF by The Simpsons

At sixteen step - Let me share my experience! :crying_cat_face:

Last but not least - Task#17 -