Challenging Product Management Interview Question

What’s the most challenging PM interview question you encountered? And how did you answer it?

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You have joined as a Business Analyst.

You’ve been handled the following problem: we feel that we may need to enhance our security around the cases when our institutional client is trying to withdraw an abnormally high amount of funds in crypto of fiat from their account.

  1. Your team is coordinating this effort,

  2. Trying to pull the required information,

  3. Draw up some scenarios and

  4. decide,

a. which parts of the process can be automated (you will then produce high-level tech specs) and

b. which parts will require manual intervention (and you will draw up some scripts for those who will be performing these bits).

Could you please try to put together a couple of pages on the following:

  1. Think which parts of the organisation may be affected, and talk a bit about how you will approach bringing them into the process

  2. Think of the bits that can be automated, and put together an outline of a very high-level spec that could be the first draft of the document that you would be prepared to discuss with the dev team

  3. Think of a bit that will require manual intervention and put together some outline/rough draft of what you would approach the relevant team with

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Interesting scenario!

How much time were you given to deliver your answer? And which part would you say was your biggest challenge?

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The request was by email and time wasn’t stipulated, I imagined one day but the uncertainty caused a bit of anxiety.

I had done some research but the biggest challenge for me was lack of internal information, so made some assumptions and focussed on demonstrating the breakdown process instead of actually giving an answer.

I also wondered on how asking for more information could in itself be a test, I decided not to, instead highlighting a couple of assumptions / uncertainties where given the opportunity would have liked to ask / receive more information.

I couldn’t find my answer, but would love to see the opinion / approach of different members.

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Hi, @asadiqbal since you currently work as a Senior PM in the web3 space, I would like to connect you with Jonathan here. Do you have some insights on this interview scenario?

Would love to hear your thoughts!