Challenges of Getting Hired As a Product Manager

Challenges of Getting Hired as a PM

Whether you’re transitioning to product or just now starting your PM career journey, it’s not uncommon for you to feel disoriented, or confused about how to consolidate your experience into a PM skillset, and demonstrate them to recruiters.

What would you say is the most difficult thing about getting off the ground? And what’s an area of the process you need the most help with?

Is it finding the right role, putting together a robust resume, presenting your portfolio, or practicing your interview skills?..

Share your concerns below and let’s break it down…


This is a great question, @Zaina. I’m wondering if @mouhamad.chamandour or @kunalsanghavi20 can share what their challenges were and how they overcame them. Or maybe what you’ve seen your colleagues struggle with getting hired as a product manager. Looking forward to what people share!

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Thanks for the tag, Marjorie.

I was fortunate enough to transition into PM role at my current company. Coming from a Customer Success background, I already had multiple opportunities to put in my PM hat when meeting my customers. Those conversations really helped me to think from a product perspective and showcase my product capabilities within my company.

While I consider myself lucky not to have gone through rigorous applications and interviews, I think the most difficult part is getting the 1st call from a company. Since we’re trying to shift from a non-PM role into a PM role, most of the recruiters don’t even entertain us. I’d say we need to build our profile with PM related jargon and let others know that while we are not a PM, we definitely have the ammo to succeed as a PM.


Thanks for that insight, Kunal. Sounds like making sure we are demonstrating our skills and the knowledge we’ve obtained before we even get to the interview stage goes a long way!

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Definitely! Most of us under estimate our capabilities but only after trying something do we realize how good we are. So, my advice would be - All of us are PM by heart, we always think of ways to make our lives easier so why not apply the same logic into making products better. :slight_smile: