Career Transition

Is this really possible to transit career for a management professional to product management at an age of 39 and having no technical knowledge.

Hi, @naseem absolutely. One of the biggest misconceptions about landing a Product role is having technical experience/ skills - it’s definitely helpful but not necessary.

What you can do and what was recommended by most folks in our product community is to focus on leveraging your business and management skills in your resume to put your foot through the ‘product’ door.

Definitely consider sharpening your product thinking skills, try reading our blog posts, take any of our free micro-certifications, and if you’re ready to take the leap our PMC certification is one pathway you can consider to integrate yourself into a community of product folks dedicated to making their transition to PM.

We launched a free guide to getting hired in Product, I recommend you download the ebook and see how you can leverage your current background.
:pushpin: Hired - Product Management Book

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