AMA with N26 Sr. Product Manager, Seda Elibol on Friday, July 15th at 10:30 PT

AskMeAnything session with Seda Elibol, Sr. Product Manager at N26 happening Friday, July 15th, 10:30 AM PT

Welcome to our bi-weekly AMA session at Launch! with Seda Elibol, Senior Sr. Product Manager at N26.
A Product Manager’s forte is asking great questions! Take this opportunity to practice a core PM skill as you get your burning PM questions answered.
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Meet Seda

Seda Elibol is a Senior Product Manager at N26, where she is building useful products for mobile banking customers.
She is also a Comunity Manager at 2hearts, helping them grow their community of tech leaders with cultural diversity and immigration backgrounds. Seda previously worked as a PM at Delivery Hero, where she focused on ad-tech products and different mobile apps within the company.
Read her full bio here

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Hi Seda!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how to build a network within the product community when you’re first arriving in a new country!

To contextualize it, my wife is moving to Australia to learn English and eventually do a Master’s degree. I’ll be joining her as I’m working remotely and it shouldn’t impact my job (graveyard shift but that’s it).

I’d like to network with Product Managers from Australia but I’m finding it very difficult to find gatherings and other opportunities that are online. How would you go about networking when arriving in a new country? What should I expect as a foreigner? Is there any way to ease this process?


Hi Henrique,

Thank you for providing the context and best of luck to you & your wife with the move!

Are you already part of some Slack communities for PMs? Some of those communities have region/country specific channels and it might be a good place to connect with people online. Also, I think you could try directly reaching out to fellow PMs on LinkedIn working in industries you find interesting or have a background you find inspiring.

In terms of expectations and easing the process, I would imagine you should be the one who is actively looking for opportunities to socialise and not be shy reaching out to people online. When I moved to Berlin for my first product job, I was attending Product / Tech related meetups & events and I think it is a great way to build or expand your network. So I’d check out meetups/events you could attend.

I hope it helps!


Hi Seda!

The following question is very much related to N26’s business and I will also, in all transparency, present an idea for a potential new technology at N26 that only a few banks (or only in the US) are using so far.

I’d be curious to know whether N26 has considered implementing voice technology (e.g. voice control, voice assistant) in your mobile products and if yes, how far it has made it on your road map? In case you’re already familiar with the area of voice technology: What value would you assign to it in banking?

We are a group of independent voice consultants who, as part of an extensive project work (at the International Voice Technology Institute), have created a potential analysis in the area of voice, individually for N26. We were able to identify 7 concrete use cases that can help N26 to: 1. increase customer interactions, 2. improve UX and 3. reduce the workload in customer service.

We can already illustrate some of these use cases through a prototype, and its presentation at our institute was received with enthusiasm. Are you or a colleague of yours interested in an exchange on this topic? We would be happy to present these results at N26.

Kind regards
Ilian Popov


Hi Seda! I’d love to hear your advice on how to pivot to product manager as a data analyst. I am currently a data analyst working in an entertainment company. I’ve studied UX courses online and I’m also doing a side SASS project as a product manager (I’m an immigration myself and I’m building a product to help international job seekers to break barriers and find jobs) . I have this strong passion about product management but since our team is not a product team so I don’t really have the opportunity to do internal transfer. I have zero real working pm experience but even associate pm positions require one year experience. Thank you so much!


Hi Ilian,

Thank you for being transparent and presenting the potential technology.

Since I joined N26 at the beginning of this year, I haven’t heard of any initiative about implementing a voice technology and unfortunately I don’t know about the past. I’m familiar with it from Turkey (my home country) where it is being used in Customer Services however I wouldn’t be the right person to assess the potential for this idea since I’m working on building Statistics and Insights to help our users feel in control of their financial life.


Before we go, do you have any final advice for aspiring Product Managers, @sedaelibol ?

And if you want to take a few more minutes to respond to more questions, feel free!

But also, THANK YOU so much for your time and wisdom! It was a pleasure having you on the channel today :rocket:

If you want to see the transcript of this AMA or any of our previous sessions, check out our blog later this week here. We also share talks and insights on all things Product Management :fire:

Hope you all have a great day! :starz:

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Hi Suzy,

First of all, great to hear you are interested in moving into Product Management role and you already made some solid effort for it - I’m sure they will pay off in the end!

Even if you are not able to do an internal move I think you have a big advantage for landing a PM job considering your background in data, since big part of PM job is to use data for gathering insights, decision making, prioritisation & building roadmaps etc.

I would suggest you to craft your CV to show your passion about product management by highlighting your side project and your data skills.

Best of luck and feel free to reach out to me if I can help with supporting you on this transition!


Thank you for your support today Andres. It was a pleasure being here and supporting this Product community.

I think there is already a lot of advice about product management out there so I’d like to remind everyone to stay collaborative, constructive, curious, open-minded and be part of creating / sustaining the work environment you want to be in. Moreover, I believe prioritising yourself & your mental health and planning your days to use your energy smartly is very important.