About the #ProductCon NY Challenge 2022 category

You made it to the Product Community! :tada: WELCOME!!

Welcome to The ProductCon NYC Challenge hosted by Product School! I’m Zaina and I’ll be your host for the #ProductCon Challenge :studio_microphone: :man_dancing: :apple: :us: :taxi:

This challenge is designed to give you an interactive and fun space to network, reflect, and compete to win grand prizes! Everyone leaves this challenge a winner! We make sure you connect with like-minded folks, share insightful product thoughts, embody a growth mindset, and score points along the way.


For security reasons, the password to the board will only be shared on Hopin and through DMs. Message @Zaina and I will share it with you!


  1. Use the proper sub-category to create your ‘scorecard’ as a thread under #ProductCon NYC Challenge
  2. Document your completed tasks under your own scorecard with evidence, links, and screenshots!
  3. Use this space after the challenge to connect with other Product enthusiasts and break down the practice.
  4. Be respectful and have FUN!


  1. Don’t create your scorecards in the ProductCon main category. Instead make sure to create your scorecard in the #ProductCon NYC Challenge sub-category so the host can document your progress :eyes:
  2. Don’t spam with content that doesn’t align with the challenge
  3. Don’t shy away!

If you have any questions or concerns reach out to me @Zaina and I’ll help you out!


Erick, Cerda

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