A New Era of Personalization is Here

Product Managers are leading the pack and have committed to truly becoming customer-centric and understand that easy and instant access to deep customer insights is the key to success.

We are challenging PMs to be data driven - but not lose their empathy for the customer at the same time: They must lead with insights, but engage with heart.

Learn what it takes to gain deeper insight on your customers and create personalized experiences with your product.

In partnership with Moengage we bring you the RFM Targeting and Personalization guide where you will uncover and dive deep into:

  • The gaps caused by traditional customer segmentation strategies and how it stacks up to RFM segmentation
  • The types of deep insights that are unlocked only through RFM segmentation
  • An engagement strategy playbook that includes how to act on the insights obtained from RFM segmentation
  • How a billion dollar global brand executes RFM segmentation and their engagement workflows

Master the art of taking action on data with uniquely personalized messages, at scale and start today.

Download link here: RFM Segmentation and Digital Product Personalization Guide

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